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Satraps of Egypt


During the Achaemenid period, Egypt was one of the most important satrapies (provinces) within the Persian Empire. Persian kings appointed satraps to govern Egypt and ensure the region's integration into the empire. Here are some of the known Persian satraps of Egypt:

Achaemenid Period


Aryandes was appointed as the first Persian satrap of Egypt by Darius I, likely around 525 BCE. Aryandes played a crucial role in consolidating Persian control over Egypt following its conquest by Cambyses II, the son of Cyrus the Great. Aryandes oversaw the administration of Egypt and implemented Persian policies in the region. Aryandes' rule marked the beginning of Persian governance in Egypt under the Achaemenid Empire.


Pherendates served as a Persian satrap of Egypt during the reign of Darius I. Pherendates likely succeeded Aryandes as the satrap of Egypt, continuing Persian rule in the region. Pherendates would have been responsible for maintaining Persian control over Egypt and ensuring its loyalty to the empire.

Psamtik (also known as Petubastis III):

Psamtik was appointed as a Persian satrap of Egypt during the 4th century BCE. Psamtik was a member of the Saite dynasty, which ruled Egypt as vassals of the Persian Empire. Psamtik served as a loyal vassal to the Persian kings, governing Egypt on their behalf. Psamtik's tenure as satrap reflects the continuation of Persian influence in Egypt during the later years of the Achaemenid Empire.


Integration into the Empire: The appointment of Persian satraps facilitated the integration of Egypt into the Achaemenid Empire, ensuring its loyalty and contributing to the empire's economic and political stability.

Cultural Exchange: Persian rule in Egypt led to cultural exchanges between Persian and Egyptian civilizations, influencing art, architecture, and religious practices.

Administrative Control: Persian satraps implemented Persian administrative systems in Egypt, contributing to the region's governance and infrastructure development.


While specific information about Persian satraps of Egypt may be limited, figures like Aryandes, Pherendates, and Psamtik exemplify the Persian presence and influence in the region during the Achaemenid period.

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