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Sabaces is a historical figure mentioned in ancient Greek sources, particularly by Herodotus, in the context of the Achaemenid Persian Empire. Sabaces was a Persian noble and military leader during the reign of King Darius I of Persia, who ruled from 522 to 486 BCE. He served as a satrap, or provincial governor, of Egypt, a significant and wealthy province within the Persian Empire.

As satrap of Egypt, Sabaces would have been responsible for the administration and governance of the province. He would have overseen the collection of taxes, maintenance of law and order, and management of provincial affairs on behalf of the Persian king. Sabaces is known for his involvement in naval campaigns on behalf of the Persian Empire. He commanded a contingent of Persian forces during the suppression of the Ionian Revolt, a major rebellion of Greek city-states against Persian rule in the early 5th century BCE.

Sabaces's service as a satrap and military commander highlights the importance of Persian provincial officials in maintaining imperial control over vast territories. His role in naval campaigns underscores the significance of the Persian navy in maintaining maritime dominance in the eastern Mediterranean. Sabaces is primarily known from Herodotus's Histories, which provide valuable insights into Persian administration and military affairs. His tenure as satrap of Egypt and involvement in military campaigns reflect the complex dynamics of Persian imperial governance and military strategy.

Sabaces was a Persian noble and satrap of Egypt during the reign of King Darius I. His role as a provincial governor and military commander demonstrates the importance of Persian officials in administering the vast territories of the Achaemenid Empire and maintaining imperial authority. His involvement in naval campaigns further highlights the Persian Empire's military capabilities and strategic interests in the eastern Mediterranean region.

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