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Ariaramnes (Old Persian: 𐎠𐎼𐎡𐎹𐎠𐎼𐎶𐎴[1] Ariyāramna,[2] "He who brings peace to the Aryans (i.e. Iranians)"[3]) was a great uncle of Cyrus the Great and the great-grandfather of Darius I, and perhaps the king of Parsumash, the ancient core kingdom of Persia.Ariaramnes was most likely the brother of Cyrus I of Anshan and son of Teispes, but this is not certain. In any case, he was a member of the Achaemenid House. As supported by the relief at Bisitun he was the first king of a separate Achaemenid branch that ran parallel[clarification needed] to the reigns of Cyrus I and his son Cambyses I.Contents [hide]1Hamadan Tablet2References3Bibliography4External linksHamadan Tablet[edit]Some time in the first half of the 20th Century two gold tablets relating to Ariaramnes were found in Ecbatana, modern Hamadan. These gold tablets allegedly documented the reigns of Ariaramnes and his son Arsames and were written in Old Persian in the first person. This is the only evidence we have from the time documenting his reign and thus this branch of the Achaemenid royal family.Another attestation of his reign is the later Behistun Inscription, where his great grandson Darius I states that eight Achaemenid kings preceded him - and then, he must be counting Ariaramnes as a king.His English name is derived - via Latin - from the Greek Ἀριαράμνης. In Modern Persian, his name is spelled اریارمنه.‎[4]References[edit]Jump up ^ Akbarzadeh (2006), page 56Jump up ^ Kent (1384 AP), page 393Jump up ^ See Shahbazi (1987). Shahbazi believes this interpretation is problematic.Jump up ^ Kent (1384 AP), page 391Bibliography[edit]Akbarzadeh, D.; A. Yahyanezhad (2006). The Behistun Inscriptions (Old Persian Texts) (in Persian). Khaneye-Farhikhtagan-e Honarhaye Sonati. ISBN 964-8499-05-5.Kent, Ronald Grubb (1384 AP). Old Persian: Grammar, Text, Glossary (in Persian). translated into Persian by S. Oryan. ISBN 964-421-045-X. Check date values in: |date= (help)A. Sh. Shahbazi (1987): "Ariyaramna", in Encyclopaedia Iranica.External links[edit] article on AriamnesAriaramnesAchaemenid dynastyBorn: ?? Died: ??Preceded byTeispesKing of PersiaSucceeded byArsames
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