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Dadarsi was a Persian general of Armenian[1] origin and satrap of Bactria.[2] He served the Persian King Darius I the Great (522–486 BCE). He was ordered to suppress a revolt in Margiana.[3]See also[edit]Full translation of the Behistun InscriptionReferences[edit]Jump up ^ up ^ Fisher, William Bayne, Ilya Gershevitch, Ehsan Yar-Shater and Peter Avery, The Cambridge history of Iran, Vol.2, (Cambridge University Press, 1985), 219; "Most surprising, however, are the figures for the battle fought by the satrap of Bactria, a Persian, called Dadarsis, against the rebel Frada in Margiana...".Jump up ^ Asheri, David, Alan B. Lloyd and Aldo Corcella, A Commentary on Herodotus: Books 1-4, (Oxford University Press, 2007), 533;"After that I sent a Persian, Dadarsis by name, my subject, satrap of Bactria. Afterwards Dadarsis with the army marched off, and he fought a battle with the Margians.".
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