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Abistamenes, also known as Abistamnes or Abistamnas, was a Persian noble and satrap (governor) during the Achaemenid Empire. His role and activities are recorded in various historical sources, primarily relating to his governance of specific regions within the empire. Here is a detailed overview of Abistamenes and his significance:


  1. Achaemenid Empire:

    • The Achaemenid Empire, founded by Cyrus the Great, was a vast and diverse empire that stretched from the Indus Valley in the east to Greece and Egypt in the west. It was known for its administrative efficiency and the use of satraps to govern its various provinces.
  2. Role of Satraps:

    • Satraps were provincial governors appointed by the king to oversee different regions of the empire. They were responsible for maintaining order, collecting taxes, and ensuring loyalty to the central government.
    • The position of satrap was one of significant power and responsibility, often held by members of the Persian nobility or trusted officials.

Abistamenes' Role and Activities

  1. Governance of Cappadocia:

    • Abistamenes is most notably mentioned as the satrap of Cappadocia, a region located in modern-day central Turkey. Cappadocia was a strategically important area due to its location and resources.
    • His governance is noted during the tumultuous period following the death of Alexander the Great and the subsequent wars of the Diadochi (the Successor Wars).
  2. Post-Alexandrian Period:

    • After Alexander's death in 323 BCE, his vast empire was divided among his generals, leading to conflicts and power struggles. Abistamenes appears in the context of these events.
    • As a satrap, he likely had to navigate the complex political landscape, balancing loyalty to the central Persian authority with the need to manage local affairs and address threats from other power contenders.

Historical Context and Significance

  1. Strategic Importance:

    • Cappadocia's location made it a critical region for controlling the central routes within the Achaemenid Empire and later during the Successor Wars.
    • As a satrap, Abistamenes would have been responsible for defending the region against external threats and managing internal stability.
  2. Military and Administrative Duties:

    • Satraps like Abistamenes often had to raise and command local troops, maintain fortifications, and ensure the collection of tribute or taxes.
    • They played a key role in the administrative hierarchy of the empire, acting as the king's representatives in their respective provinces.
  3. Interactions with Other Satraps and Leaders:

    • During the Successor Wars, alliances and conflicts between different satraps and generals were common. Abistamenes would have had to engage in diplomacy and military actions to maintain his position and secure his province.


Abistamenes was a significant figure in the Achaemenid Empire, serving as the satrap of Cappadocia during a critical period in the empire's history. His role as a provincial governor would have involved managing the region's affairs, maintaining security, and navigating the complex political landscape following Alexander the Great's death. While specific details about his actions and policies may be limited, his position highlights the importance of satraps in the administration and stability of the Achaemenid Empire.

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