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Rodogune, also known as Rhodogune, was a prominent figure in ancient Persian history, particularly during the Achaemenid period. She is mentioned in various historical sources, including Greek writings and Persian inscriptions, though details about her life may vary across different accounts. Rodogune was a member of the Achaemenid royal family, which ruled the Persian Empire. She likely belonged to a noble lineage, with connections to the Persian kings. Rodogune is known for her marriage to Darius III, the last king of the Achaemenid Empire. Her marriage to Darius III may have been politically motivated, aimed at solidifying alliances within the Persian nobility or securing support from influential families.

As the wife of Darius III, Rodogune held the title of queen consort of the Persian Empire. While specific details about her influence are not well-documented, as queen consort, Rodogune likely had some degree of influence over court affairs and may have played a role in diplomatic and political matters. Rodogune's marriage to Darius III underscores the interconnectedness of noble families within the Achaemenid Empire. Her marriage may have been seen as a symbol of unity or legitimacy for Darius III's reign, particularly during a period of internal strife and external threats.

Rodogune's name appears in various historical accounts of the Achaemenid period, providing insights into the social and political dynamics of the Persian Empire. Rodogune's story has been the subject of literary and artistic interpretations, contributing to her lasting legacy in Persian and Western cultures.

Rodogune was a significant figure in ancient Persian history as the wife of Darius III, the last king of the Achaemenid Empire. While specific details about her life and influence are limited, her marriage and connections to the Persian royal family highlight the importance of dynastic alliances and noble lineage in ancient Persian society. Rodogune's legacy endures through historical records and cultural representations, preserving her place in the annals of Persian history.

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