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Battus IV of Cyrene


Battus IV of Cyrene, also known as Ptolemy VII, was a historical figure who ruled as the king of Cyrene, an ancient Greek colony located in present-day Libya. His reign occurred during a time of transition and political upheaval in the eastern Mediterranean, particularly in the aftermath of Alexander the Great's conquests. Battus IV belonged to the Battiad dynasty, which had ruled Cyrene since its founding in the 7th century BCE. He was likely a descendant of the original founder of Cyrene, Battus I. Battus IV succeeded his father, Magas, as king of Cyrene. Magas had ruled as king from approximately 300 BCE to 258 BCE.

Reign and Policies

Battus IV's reign was marked by political instability and external threats to Cyrene's sovereignty. The eastern Mediterranean region was characterized by power struggles among successor states following the death of Alexander the Great. Cyrene had close ties with the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, which was founded by one of Alexander's generals, Ptolemy I. Battus IV likely maintained diplomatic relations with the Ptolemaic rulers, as evidenced by his alternate name, Ptolemy VII.

Battus IV faced challenges to his rule from rival factions within Cyrene and neighboring states. The political landscape of the eastern Mediterranean was characterized by shifting alliances and conflicts among the successor states of Alexander's empire. Details about Battus IV's succession and the circumstances of his death are not extensively documented in historical sources. It is likely that he was succeeded by another member of the Battiad dynasty or by a rival faction within Cyrene.


Battus IV's reign is not extensively documented in surviving historical sources, and his specific accomplishments and contributions are not well-known. He is primarily remembered as one of the last rulers of Cyrene before it was absorbed into larger Hellenistic kingdoms in the eastern Mediterranean. The legacy of the Battiad dynasty and the city-state of Cyrene endures through its cultural and historical significance in the ancient world. Cyrene played a role in the diffusion of Greek culture and learning throughout the Mediterranean region.

In summary, Battus IV of Cyrene was a king of Cyrene who ruled during a period of political instability and transition in the eastern Mediterranean. His reign occurred against the backdrop of power struggles among the successor states of Alexander the Great's empire, and his specific contributions to Cyrenean history are not extensively documented.

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