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Orontes II, also known as Orontes of Armenia, was a prominent figure in the history of the Achaemenid Empire during the 4th century BCE. He was a member of the Orontid dynasty, which ruled over Armenia as a satrapy (province) of the Persian Empire. Orontes II belonged to the Orontid dynasty, a noble Persian family that held considerable influence in Armenia. The Orontids were known for their loyalty to the Achaemenid Persian kings and their role in governing Armenia as satraps.

Orontes II served as a satrap of Armenia under the Achaemenid kings, likely appointed to the position due to his family's longstanding allegiance to the Persian throne.As satrap, he would have been responsible for administering the province, collecting taxes, maintaining order, and providing military support to the Persian king when needed. Orontes II is known for his military campaigns in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) during the reign of Artaxerxes II (reigned 404–358 BCE), a period marked by internal turmoil within the Achaemenid Empire. He led Persian forces in Anatolia and played a role in suppressing revolts and maintaining Persian control over the region.

Revolt Against Artaxerxes II:

Orontes II eventually rebelled against the Achaemenid king, possibly due to grievances or ambitions for greater autonomy. He sought alliances with external powers, including the Greek city-state of Sparta, in his bid for independence from Persian rule. Orontes II provided military and financial support to Sparta during its conflict with the Achaemenid Empire, known as the Corinthian War (395–387 BCE). His alliance with Sparta was part of a broader strategy to weaken Persian influence in Anatolia and assert greater autonomy for Armenia.

Orontes II's actions contributed to the complex political dynamics of the Achaemenid Empire and its interactions with external powers, particularly Greece. His rebellion and alliance with Sparta underscored the shifting allegiances and power struggles within the empire during the late Achaemenid period.

Orontes II, as a member of the Orontid dynasty, played a significant role in Armenian and Persian history during the 4th century BCE. His tenure as satrap of Armenia, military campaigns in Anatolia, and rebellion against the Achaemenid king Artaxerxes II highlight the complexities of Persian imperial administration and the challenges faced by regional rulers in maintaining their autonomy within the empire. Orontes II's actions reflect the broader geopolitical dynamics of the time, characterized by rivalries between the Persian Empire and external powers such as Greece.

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