Warfare > Siege of Sardis (547 BC)

Siege of Sardis (547 BC)


Siege of Sardis (547 BC)Part of the Campaigns of Cyrus the GreatDateDecember, 547 BCLocationSardis, LydiaResultDecisive Persian victoryTerritorialchangesAnatolia officially annexed by Persia.BelligerentsLydian EmpireAchaemenid EmpireCommanders and leadersCroesus,unknown othersCyrus the Great,Harpagus,unknown othersStrengthUnknownUnknownCasualties and lossesUnknownLight[show] v t eCampaigns of Cyrus the GreatIn the Siege of Sardis (547/546 BC), the last decisive conflict after the Battle of Thymbra, which was fought between the forces of Croesus of Lydia and Cyrus the Great, Cyrus followed Croesus to his city. He laid siege to it for 14 days, and then captured it.[1]The siege was to be known as the final event before Lydia was officially annexed by the Achaemenid Empire. The Ionians and other Asiatic Greeks revolted against Cyrus, and the revolt was finally put down by his best commander Harpagus the Mede in 542 BC.References[edit]Jump up ^ Briant, Pierre. From Cyrus to Alexander: A History of the Persian Empire. Eisenbrauns. p. 36. ISBN 9781575061207.
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