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Tomb of Darius I the Great


Coordinates: 29°59′20″N 52°52′29″ETomb of Darius the GreatNaqsh-e Rustam 6.jpgView of Tomb of Darius the Great in Naqsh-e RustamBasic informationLocationIran Marvdasht, IranSectorNaqsh-e RustamMunicipalityMarvdashtTerritoryIranStateMarvdashtProvinceFars provinceRegionIranArchitectural styleAchaemenidMaterialsStoneThe tomb of Darius I (Darius the Great) is one of the four tombs of Achaemenid kings at the historical site of Naqsh-e Rustam located about 12 km northwest of Persepolis, Iran. They are all at a considerable height above the ground. One of the tombs is explicitly identified by an accompanying inscription to be the tomb of Darius I (c. 522–486 BC). The other three tombs are believed to be those of Xerxes I (c. 486–465 BC), Artaxerxes I (c. 465–424 BC), and Darius II (c. 423–404 BC). The fifth tomb, (incomplete) might be that of Artaxerxes III, who reigned at the longest two years, but is more likely belonged to the last Achaemenid king, Darius III (c. 336–330 BC). The tombs were looted following the conquest of the Achaemenid empire by Alexander the Great.Two Graves in Tomb of Darius INaqsh-e RustamNaqsh-e Rustam is located in Iran Naqsh-e RustamNaqsh-e RustamLocation in IranCoordinates: 29°59′20″N 52°52′29″ESee also[edit]Achaemenid architectureCities of the ancient Near EastList of colossal sculpture in situNaqsh-e RajabBibliography[edit]Herrmann, G. & Curtis, V. S. (2003). "Sasanian Rock Reliefs". Encyclopedia Iranica. Costa Mesa: Mazda.Hubertus von Gall "NAQŠ-E ROSTAM" in Encyclopædia Iranica [1]Lendering, Jona (2009). "Naqsh-i Rustam". Amsterdam: Livius.Unknown (2005). "Naghsh-e-Rostam".External links[edit]Wikimedia Commons has media related to Tomb of Darius I.Herzfeld Papers, Series 5: Drawings and Maps, Records of Naqsh-i Rustam Collections Search Center, S.I.R.I.S., Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

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