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Satrapy of Elam


By 540 BCE the city of Susa was conquered by Cyrus the Great and was controlled by the Achaemenid Empire. Under Achaemenid reign Susa would grow to become a prosperous and wealthy administrative city for the empire. It is during this time that the civilization of Elam collapses for good politically and is assimilated into the larger Persian Empire. It would remain this way all through the reign of the Achaemenid Dynasty until conquered by Alexander the Great.

Elam - Achaemenid Empire 500 BCE

Achaemenid Empire (500 BCE) - Historical Atlas (1923)

While decimated as a political power it still remained a cultural power for many centuries. Cyrus the Great used the title "king of Ashan" and many of the reliefs and statues at Pasargadae were based on earlier Elamite sources. The Elamite language was one of three official languages that was used in the Persian Empire and it is has been found in all kinds of texts at the city of Persepolis. Overall the Elamite culture was essential in being a platform for culture from neighboring cultures of Mesopotamia to access the area of eastern Asia and continued to live on long after the civilization was conquered.

Achaemenid Satrapies

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