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Patigrabana was a historical city in Parthia.[1] It is known of only from the Behistun Inscription. According to that text, Patigrabana is where Hystaspes – father of Darius I and Achaemenid governor of Parthia – fought a battle against Parthian and Hyrcanian rebels supporting one Phraortes (not to be confused with the earlier Median emperor of the same name) around 520 BC. Hystaspes had earlier fought a battle against them at Vishpauzati. He was reinforced by Achaemenid troops from Rhagae, then attacked and defeated the rebels at Patigrabana and secured Parthia for Darius.


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Behistun Inscription (translation) paragraph 36

Darius; Darius I (King of Persia), Leonard William King, Reginald Campbell Thompson, Sir Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge, British Museum. Dept. of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities (1907). The sculptures and inscription of Darius the Great: on the rock of Behistûn in Persia. University of Michigan: British museum. p. 42.

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