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Patigrabana was a historical city in Parthia. It is known of only from the Behistun Inscription. According to that text, Patigrabana is where Hystaspes – father of Darius I and Achaemenid governor of Parthia – fought a battle against Parthian and Hyrcanian rebels supporting one Phraortes (not to be confused with the earlier Median emperor of the same name) around 520 BC. Hystaspes had earlier fought a battle against them at Vishpauzati. He was reinforced by Achaemenid troops from Rhagae, then attacked and defeated the rebels at Patigrabana and secured Parthia for Darius.

Patigrabana, also known as Patigrabene or Patigrabana, was an ancient settlement located in the region of Media, within the territory of the Achaemenid Persian Empire. While there is limited information available specifically about Patigrabana, we can infer some characteristics based on its historical context. Patigrabana was situated in the heartland of the Persian Empire, in what is now modern-day Iran. Media was known for its fertile plains and strategic location between Mesopotamia and the Iranian plateau. Like other settlements in Media, Patigrabana likely benefited from its strategic position along trade routes and its proximity to natural resources, such as agricultural land and mineral deposits.

Administrative Status:

Satrapy of Media: Patigrabana was likely part of the broader satrapy (province) of Media, which was administered by a satrap (governor) appointed by the Achaemenid Persian king.

Local Governance: As a settlement within the satrapy of Media, Patigrabana would have had its own local administration responsible for day-to-day governance, tax collection, and other administrative functions.

Economic Activity:

Agriculture: The fertile lands of Media supported agriculture, including the cultivation of grains, fruits, and other crops. Patigrabana may have been involved in agricultural production, contributing to the region's economic prosperity.

Trade and Commerce: As part of the Persian Empire, Patigrabana likely participated in trade networks that extended throughout the empire and beyond. The settlement may have served as a trading center for goods exchanged between different regions.

Cultural and Social Life:

Ethnic Diversity: Patigrabana, like other settlements in the Persian Empire, would have been inhabited by a diverse population consisting of Persians, Medes, and other ethnic groups. This diversity contributed to the city's cultural richness and cosmopolitan character.

Religious Centers: Patigrabana may have had temples, shrines, and religious sanctuaries dedicated to various deities worshipped by the local population. Religious practices and rituals would have been an integral part of the city's social and cultural life.


Historical Importance: While specific details about Patigrabana are limited, its existence as a settlement within the Persian Empire underscores the empire's vast territorial reach and administrative organization.

Archaeological Interest: Patigrabana and other ancient settlements in the region of Media continue to be of archaeological interest, with ongoing research shedding light on the history and culture of the Persian Empire in this area.

In summary, Patigrabana was an ancient settlement located in the region of Media within the Achaemenid Persian Empire. While specific information about Patigrabana is scarce, its historical context within the Persian Empire provides insight into its likely characteristics and significance within the broader administrative and cultural landscape of the empire.


Behistun Inscription (translation) paragraph 36

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