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Persian/ Urdu Alal or Allal, in 12th century Persia was believed to be one of the names of the queen of the full moon, princess of hearts, or mother of the sky. The legend of Alal is celebrated across south Iran and parts of the Middle East.

There are a range of Myths that portray Alal to be the Greek Aphrodite or the Roman Venus, Goddess of Love. She was believed to be the daughter of a wine merchant who ran away to a nearby river and fell in love with nature. Alal was known to be the symbol of charisma and love. She was described to have a voice that was flowing and musical along with eloquence and affection.

The Alal was typically described to be crowned with dark hair, large lustrous eyes and a round doll-like complexion. Many of the antique Persian miniatures often outlined her certain characteristics. The 17th and 18th century Persian court poets, described her to be a beautiful yet mysterious socialite that possessed a heart of gold with extreme radiance. She was known to be a rare and striking beauty, too glorious to live on Earth, and was moved to the Sky, where she resides in her palace amongst the stars, and became as we know her today, the Moon.

Persian Ideology

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