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[show]Persian RevoltPart of the Campaigns of Cyrus the GreatDate552 BC - 550 BCLocationMedia and PersisResultDecisive Persian victory.TerritorialchangesBy conquering Media, Persia became an empire.BelligerentsMedian EmpireStandard of Cyrus the Great (Achaemenid Empire).svg PersisCommanders and leadersAstyages of Media,Harpagus,unknown othersStandard of Cyrus the Great (Achaemenid Empire).svg Cambyses I of Anshan †,Standard of Cyrus the Great (Achaemenid Empire).svg Cyrus the Great,OebaresLater Harpagus,unknown othersStrength145,000 [1]70,000 [2]Casualties and lossesheavyheavy[show] v t eCampaigns of Cyrus the GreatThe Persian Revolt, as it is known, was the first time the unified province of ancient Persis, after voluntary submission to the Assyrians and Medes two times earlier, declared its independence, and commenced its revolution as it later separated from the Median Empire. However, it is unknown whether their subjugation was official. The revolt was triggered by the actions of Astyages, the ruler of Media, which spread to other provinces, as they allied with the Persians. The war lasted from 552 BC to 550 BC. The Medes had early successes in battles, but the comeback by Cyrus the Great and army was too overwhelming, and the Medes were finally conquered by 549 BC.Thus the first official Persian Empire was born. It all began summer 553 BC, and led to the rise of Persia.


Primary Sources

The Nabonidus Chronicle of the Babylonian ChroniclesHerodotus (The Histories) I, 127Ctesias (Persica)Diodorus Siculus (Bibliotheca historica)Justin, Epitome of the Philippic History of Pompeius Trogus (English)Fragments of Nicolas of DamascusStrabo (History), (XV 3.8)

Secondary Sources

Ilya Gershevitch, ed., The Cambridge History of Iran. Vol. 2: The Median and Achaemenian Periods. Cambridge University Press (1985) ISBN 0-521-20091-1References[edit]Jump up ^ Spencer, C. Tucker Battles That Changed History: An Encyclopedia of World Conflict , ABC-Clio Inc, (2010) p. 395Jump up ^ Spencer, C. Tucker Battles That Changed History: An Encyclopedia of World Conflict , ABC-Clio Inc, (2010) p. 395External links[edit]George Rawlinson, The Seven Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World -- v. 3 (of 7): Media ISBN 1-931956-46-4
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